Please Support the Library!

You can help our children by helping our library!

The library is a place where our students can discover the joy books can bring them.
It's a place where they can discover new interests, find information,
develop reading and researching skills, and become excited by learning!

What can you do?

Be a library volunteer!

Your librarian always needs help with all sorts of things: putting books away, getting new books ready to go on the shelves, repairing "hurt" books, preparing bibliographies and typing name it!

Help with the computers!

Now that book circulation is done using the computer, we need volunteers who can help students sign out their books during class. The program we use is very easy to learn.

Donate a new book!

Donate a new book to the library in honor of a special event (graduation, birthday, anniversary) or in someone's memory. A special bookplate can be placed in the book in recognition.

Donate used books!

Have your children outgrown some of their books? Those volumes collecting dust in the corner could be treasure to someone else! They may be added to our collection, or they could be put into the hands of another student at our book swap during Reading Week!

For more information, please
contact our librarian, Mrs. Mann.
You can call her at school (377-2211 x2540)
or send email.


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