Rhode Island Resources

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Rhode Island Department of State Web Site

Most current state facts and figures, RI state symbols/song/emblems, RI history, and more!


Online tour of the Rhode Island State House


"Kids Zone" home page - scroll down for lots more to do and learn about!

Enchanted Learning - Rhode Island


A simple overview of facts such as population and size, state symbols, and motto.  Includes a basic map and links to activity pages.

Rhode Island: An Introduction


Rhode Island State Song


Fact Monster Atlas


Current information about population, elected officials, etc.  -- Simple overview of state history.  -- List of famous Rhode Islanders -- plus much more!

Fact Monster Encyclopedia


Famous Rhode Islanders


Roger Williams - Founder of Rhode Island  #

  • book: Roger Williams by Kieran Walsh [B WIL]
  • book: Finding Providence: The Story of Roger Williams by Avi [B WIL]

Anne Hutchinson - Religious Leader * #

Ann Smith Franklin - Publisher *

Esek Hopkins - Navy Commander * (#)

Nathanael Greene - Patriot * #

Gilbert Stuart - Artist * #

Ambrose Burnside - Civil War General * #

Edward Bannister - Artist *

Ida Lewis - Lighthouse Keeper *

  • book: Safely to Shore: America's Lighthouses by Iris Van Rynbach [387.1 VAN]

George M. Cohan - Entertainer * #

H. P. Lovecraft - Author * #

Chris Van Allsburg - Author and Illustrator * #

David Macaulay - Author and Illustrator  #

Lucinda Landon - Author and Illustrator


If you see one of these symbols after a person's name above, this means you can find more information about that person in the following sources:

*   Rhode Island: The Ocean State by Joanne Mattern [974.5 MAT]

#   World Book Encyclopedia or World Book Online

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